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WS: Toxin the Dragon/Wolf by TotalRegularWolves WS: Toxin the Dragon/Wolf :icontotalregularwolves:TotalRegularWolves 0 0 WS: Foxy the Pirate by TotalRegularWolves WS: Foxy the Pirate :icontotalregularwolves:TotalRegularWolves 0 0 FleetFoot On WolfSoul by TotalRegularWolves FleetFoot On WolfSoul :icontotalregularwolves:TotalRegularWolves 1 7 Me as a wolf (Yes I'm not dead) by TotalRegularWolves Me as a wolf (Yes I'm not dead) :icontotalregularwolves:TotalRegularWolves 1 0 Scabior, the smoothest Snatcher out there by TotalRegularWolves Scabior, the smoothest Snatcher out there :icontotalregularwolves:TotalRegularWolves 0 4 Snily: Accidentally In Love by TotalRegularWolves Snily: Accidentally In Love :icontotalregularwolves:TotalRegularWolves 1 0 I can't be sure. by TotalRegularWolves I can't be sure. :icontotalregularwolves:TotalRegularWolves 1 0 I'M FLYING JACK- I mean Malfoy .o. by TotalRegularWolves I'M FLYING JACK- I mean Malfoy .o. :icontotalregularwolves:TotalRegularWolves 0 0
Deathly Hallows: Drarry Drabble
After collecting the dead and healing the wounded, I step outside of the castle to find Neville picking up the nearly-destroyed Sorting Hat. I scowl, but something else catches my attention.
Here comes Voldemort, his Death Eaters, and Hagrid carrying a body.
I panic, "Is that..... Potter?" Neville turns to me and gives me a grim nod. Hermione,
Ron, and Ginny break down, screaming.
I stare at the lifeless body in the half-giants arms, saddened.
He can't be dead?
Can he?
I remain anchored to the spot as the Dark Lord steps forward, bragging on and on about how Harry's dead and was never coming back. A sick pang goes through me as I see my parents. Voldemort speaks, "Anyone who does not join me... will die."
"Draco..." My father says, motioning for me to come over.
But I won't.
Not even my mother will get me to come over.
I've decided.
I'm sticking with Harry.
I want to fight for him.
He's the only person I've felt like lying for.
Or even felt like dying for.
All eyes are on me, but I'm n
:icontotalregularwolves:TotalRegularWolves 0 0
After the war Drarry DRABBLE
After the war, Draco cornered Harry just as he was celebrating, "Potter... listen.... I know I deserve to go to Azkaban, and you will send me there, probably, but I wanted to let you know-"
"Malfoy, you'll soon find out that there are some wizarding families that are kinder than others..." Harry smiled, "I am one of those kind wizards... I would NEVER send you to Azkaban, Malfoy."
Draco paused, "But... I was a Death Eater-"
Harry shook his head, "Barely, Draco... You helped me, remember? You could've told your aunt that it was really me...."
Malfoy blushed, "I didn't want them to kill you... I wasn't going to be responsible for your death.... I still feel like-"
Harry grabbed Draco by his chest and pulled him in for a kiss. Malfoy's eyes opened in complete astonishment.  When they pulled away, Draco's face was completely red, "You noticed.... didn't you, Potter?"
"How could I not." Harry muttered."
When did you figure it out?" Draco asked, scratching the back of his head.
Harry whisper
:icontotalregularwolves:TotalRegularWolves 0 0
Draco, Don't be a prat, do him. DRABBLE
"Draco, don't be a prat... Do him..." Goyle said, loud enough for everyone to hear.
Draco blinked, staring hard at Harry. He thinks, Did he just tell me to DO Potter?
Harry tilts his head, but his eyes widen in shock as Goyle pushes Malfoy towards him. Draco manages to stop himself before knocking Harry down.
Malfoy gulps, glancing at Goyle over his shoulder with a red face. How could he have known? Draco turns back to Potter, biting his lip.
Zabini chuckles, "Yeah, Malfoy, what are you waiting for!? We know you've had a huge gay crush on him since-"
Malfoy growls, "ENOUGH!" He spins around, pointing his wand, not at Potter, but at the two Slytherins instead. He narrows his eyes, blushing furiously.
Goyle and Blaise jump back, shocked at what Draco had done. Blaise stepped forward, "You wouldn't dare, Malfoy... You don't have the guts....."
Harry put his hand on Draco's shoulder, whispering, "Malfoy....."
Draco shook his head, ignoring Harry. His wand shook in his hand, "Don't think I
:icontotalregularwolves:TotalRegularWolves 1 19
Brickie by TotalRegularWolves Brickie :icontotalregularwolves:TotalRegularWolves 2 3 The Hanging Tree by TotalRegularWolves The Hanging Tree :icontotalregularwolves:TotalRegularWolves 0 9
Cato and Katniss: Obsession and Infatuation Chp. 6
I ended up waking up a little early and decide to head on back down the elevator. I find that everyone left early to get something to eat except a few tributes. I yawn and look around, my mind clear.
That is until I spot Katniss over by the knives and bows. A dummy is held by a rope and she stabs it over and over. She must've decided to at least get some sort of weaponry training done.
The sick feeling rushes back to me, but it's not as worse as before. I step over towards the swords and spears, trying to avoid her, but that proves to be difficult. I try my best not to look at her, focused on slashing up targets.
"Cato." I hear a voice behind me whisper. It's Clove's voice.
I look over my shoulder, "Yes?"
"Cato, I talked to Katniss... Well, more like she talked to me. She's just as confused as you are."
I sigh, "Why did I have to get so... taken by her? I could've fell for anyone, but I went with her..."
"You can't control who you love, Cato. You may think you can, but really you can't
:icontotalregularwolves:TotalRegularWolves 1 1
Hedric by TotalRegularWolves Hedric :icontotalregularwolves:TotalRegularWolves 1 0 A Random Bunneh by TotalRegularWolves A Random Bunneh :icontotalregularwolves:TotalRegularWolves 1 0


Pietro Heashot Sketch by Perterto Pietro Heashot Sketch :iconperterto:Perterto 4 4 .:Clubwalker:. by InvaderAbbey
Mature content
.:Clubwalker:. :iconinvaderabbey:InvaderAbbey 203 86
Jeff x Slendy by Pzychopilz
Mature content
Jeff x Slendy :iconpzychopilz:Pzychopilz 46 27
Snarry said Lupin by clio-mokona Snarry said Lupin :iconclio-mokona:clio-mokona 57 6 Happy Easter 2012 by Yuki-Almasy Happy Easter 2012 :iconyuki-almasy:Yuki-Almasy 358 197 Hello My Deer by Yuki-Almasy Hello My Deer :iconyuki-almasy:Yuki-Almasy 190 148 Shh Dont Worry It Will Be Fun by Yuki-Almasy Shh Dont Worry It Will Be Fun :iconyuki-almasy:Yuki-Almasy 208 101 Harsh by Yuki-Almasy Harsh :iconyuki-almasy:Yuki-Almasy 231 122 Happy Easter 2013 by Yuki-Almasy Happy Easter 2013 :iconyuki-almasy:Yuki-Almasy 190 55 Chibi Draco giftie by Cremebunny Chibi Draco giftie :iconcremebunny:Cremebunny 95 39 Live! by chouette-e Live! :iconchouette-e:chouette-e 506 27 Next Top Model Harry Potter by alteregopi Next Top Model Harry Potter :iconalteregopi:alteregopi 29 1 HarryDraco - Beltane by alteregopi HarryDraco - Beltane :iconalteregopi:alteregopi 74 4 HarryDraco - Tell me about it stud by alteregopi HarryDraco - Tell me about it stud :iconalteregopi:alteregopi 47 1 The half blood prince. by Nancyboy94 The half blood prince. :iconnancyboy94:Nancyboy94 7 0
Lovely art ^^




I'm moving to :iconinsanity-w0lf: so follow me there if you so wish x3
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Unwanted Adopts 2 by Chishikon #13 Tig, male
Puppy Adoptables [CLOSED] by mossyyadopts #2, Strika, female
Cubs From My Lion Adopts 2 (CLOSED) by SP4CE-P00DLE ALL, o3o Name 'em later.
:thumb323778390::iconmegustaplz: No Name
Cat adopts four OPEN and CHEAP by Wreaux 10 Roxie, she-kittypet
:thumb325480357: 1 Nitro, male
:thumb326860152: 8, fawn, female, 15, male
:thumb327825774: All <3
:thumb327825774: All <3
:thumb327825036: All <3
Kai Auction! by Acara4312 Kai Male
:thumb329821448: No Name Male
:thumb261392389::thumb176930678: The Hunger Games by Maximum-Olympian13 Stamp: Haymitch Approves by Isi-Daddy STAMP: Throwing a Tracker Jacker Hive by Sitraxis Harry Potter - Draco Fan by phoenixtsukino:thumb294784645: District 2 Stamp by ChemicalIceTea Draco x Harry Stamp by Iwonn Hunger Games Stamp by Superior-Silverfox Harry Potter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose I love Draco stamp by uppuN Slytherin Stamp by chibi---kawaii moar slytherin stampage by NeoBANANA Snape stamp by iruhdam Big Mac Stamp by jewlecho:thumb293512572: Big Macintosh Stamp - Eeyup by The-Blue-Pangolin



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